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General privacy guidelines

At, we care about your privacy. We also know that the internet is not always a secure place, which is why we commit to providing security and confidentiality when you are using our site.  Thus, this privacy policy defines our relentless commitment to transparency as it spells out how we collect, store, use, transfer and rules regarding the disclosure of users’ personal data/information. In line with recent updates to the General European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this policy further defines recent internet user privacy updates.

Our policy factors in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Union (EU) data privacy updates protecting residents of the said regions.  Thus, by reading this privacy policy, you are consenting to personal data processing activities which are within the limits of established international internet use laws. It informs you of the rights and freedoms those who visit enjoy.

Periodical changes to this policy

In consenting to these privacy guidelines, it is also imperative to recognize that with the ever-changing online data processing rules, will from time to time amend privacy rules relating to its user privacy policy. We, therefore, urge you to read this page carefully and frequently to stay informed on our regular data privacy updates as and when they take place. It is important to know how such changes affect user and the activities undertake on our site.

How we collect personal information

We try to remain as transparent as possible regarding means and ways through which we process personal data. While we do not do this automatically, it takes places in the following ways:

Auto-generated user data

Our website uses cookies to give you a better experience, and by which the data/information relating to the following may be auto-generated from users who visit our site:

  • The type of operating system you use to log into our site.
  • Your language preferences.
  • Internet protocol address of your service provider.
  • The type of browser, version and domain extensions otherwise referred to as string data.
  • Domain of the referrer/website and cookie

Note that the above data is non-personal, which means if need be, we may seek your consent to our policy guidelines when collecting user-specific information. Apart from using cookies, employs web beacons and page tags technologies for further improvement of data collection, storage and use accuracy. We do not share this information with anyone without your consent unless the law requires it otherwise for the purposes of tax reporting or/and in line with legitimate interest from our partners (advertisers: Amazon Affiliates Disclosure, suppliers, service providers and investors) who must agree to non-disclosure policies.

Definition of cookies

Cookies refer to information you provide to when navigating the site. While we do not automatically collect information that identifies your person, it is a different case when you sign up/create account/register, contact us directly, when you provide feedback regarding your experience on the site, submit content or suggestions. This may include full names, email address, telephone number, gender, age, physical address, preferences and hobbies. We do this to provide users with a personalized and advanced browsing experience.

In the case of non-personal cookie information, for example, where a visitor does not create an account, we use such data for purposes of content and website optimization. It also helps us maintain the integrity and security of our website. We avoid using personal information relating to children unless they provide consent from their parents. To further guarantee your privacy, take note that at no point in time do we combine non-personal and personal information relating to website usage and user data respectively.

Residents of EEA may be required to sign EU GDPR opt-in forms which define consent to personal and third-party data processing. Note that you can always opt-out/withdraw from such disclosures at any time.

Our legal bases for data processing/identification

In compliance with EU data protection laws, we collect and process personal and non-personal information based on the following:

  • Consent to website cookies.
  • Binding legal agreement spelled in our TERMS AND CONDITIONS as ‘performance contract.
  • An urgent necessity to protect your interestssuch as keeping users from harm.
  • Compliance with binding legal agreements and obligations.

Commitments and guarantees commitment to data security spells out the following:

  • Notice of data breaches and necessary steps to securing sensitive information in case of such incidences.
  • Complaints regarding personal data processing and redress.
  • Website integrity and security, SSL certificates and encryption technologies.
  • Commitment to non-disclosure, unless otherwise by consent/law.
  • A commitment to safety, non-alteration

If you have any questions or complaints, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

The Privacy Policy was last updated on 05.10.2018.

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