The Best Cowboy Boot Brands Reviews 2019

Let’s agree that cowboy boots are more than just shoes. They are traditions, history, culture. Cowboy boots represent the free American spirit and mystical stories of West. They were worn by legendary personalities of all time – actors, singers, Presidents.

Cowboy boots are more than just shoes. But it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them every day. Moreover, last Givenchy collection brought Western shoes back to top fashion trends and made them the hit of the season. They are no longer used just for the rodeo (although you could try doing that too) but for everyday life.

Now let’s look into Western boots trends and see what made them a fashion must-have of 2019.


It’s all about functionality

Let’s dive into cowboy boots history for a while and recall that they were created by cowboys as perfect shoes for long hikes and tiresome walks. High heels support the foot on different surfaces, leather material warms but doesn’t overheat, and another important thing – you don’t have to tie them.

The best part is, the more you wear Western shoes, the better they adapt to your foot shape and size. Furthermore, leather is flexible enough to adjust to your walking type! What else can you ask for?

Cowboy boots are unisex

Traditionally, Western shoes were viewed as a specifically manly type of shoes.However, the situation changed a lot since female designers, singers, and actors stepped in, and readapted the trend. Just recently Givenchy designer, Claire Weight, wore cowboy shoes on Paris fashion show 2017 and started a big trend on Western shoes among women.

Givenchy designer, Claire Weight, wore cowboy shoes on Paris fashion show 2017. The source:

Really, just think about it. Cowboy boots represent freedom and bravery. No wonder, that it perfectly correlates with modern values of successful women. It’s a great possibility to express strength and independence. Most importantly, cowboy boots are comfortable to wear which is not something you can say about most trendy models of women shoes.

They are not that simple anymore

A few decades ago, cowboys western boots were used to be quite simplistic. Classic design and color, just like you’ve seen on old pictures and history textbooks. With a personalized approach to fashion, the situation changed extremely. There are hundreds of models of different colors, sizes, heights, with accessories and prints. You can find a suitable pair of shoes for rodeo classes or for a fancy restaurant dinner – it all depends on what you are looking for.

Become taller

In our culture, there are very few models of shoes which allow men to add few inches to their height. However, there is a solution, and that is a pair of stylish cowboy shoes. You can even try “full cowboy heels” if you want to seem really taller. For those, who are satisfied with their height, walking-style heels will do the trick.

Cowboy boots style

As we discussed, the choice of Western shoes now is truly amazing. However, sometimes it creates more questions than answers. How to find the perfect variant? What do cowboy shoes fit best for a particular occasion? Don’t worry, it’s all really a piece of cake if only you know fundamentals of Western shoes styles.

There are 5 most popular types of cowboy boots:

  • Cowboy
  • Stockman
  • Ropers
  • Western Work
  • Buckaroo

Let’s see what differences they have and how to decide which one is the best fit for a particular situation.


Cowboy shoes

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It’s a classic type of Western shoes, with a well-known high heel, traditionally invented to simplify the process of horse riding. Men’s leather cowboy boots differ from other types with:

  • 12 inches-high shaft which provides good ankle support
  • a toe box in case a horse steps on your digits (or maybe, a girl with high-heel shoes)


Stockman shoes

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For Western shoe beginners, it’s almost impossible to spot the difference between stockman and cowboy shoes. But you have read almost the half of the article, which means, you are almost a professional. Therefore, you should know that there are two main differences to pay attention to:

  • stockman’s dip in the scallop is deeper than in cowboy boots
  • the heel is shorter and wider which makes stockman boots a perfect option for 12-14 hours of walking.

If you walk a lot, stockman shoes are the most comfortable option. If cowboy boots were initially created to protect feet during horse rides, this variation is adapted to stabilize the ankle during long walks.



Have you ever seen a breath-taking rodeo when cowboy demonstrates his bravery while driving a wild animal? Wearing ropers, you can totally feel yourself one of those fearless men. However, don’t think that ropers are good only for the rodeo. They are also of great help during tiresome physical work or a horse ride.

Ropers’ distinguishing features are a low shaft, broad heel, and a rounded toe. As the shoes were initially developed to protect a cowboy during a wild ride, they are known for its reliability. Same as stockman shoes, they are well adapted to rough surfaces which is a great help during a hike.


Western Work

Basically, Western Work boots are almost same as ropers, the only distinguishing characteristics are shorter heels and a bigger toe box. These differences make this option most suitable for all-day physical activities such as farming or hunting. A perfect option for those who work on their foot all day – practical, comfortable, tough to break.



This is a stylish option for Western boots. With its attention-captivating elongated shafts and high heels, you will totally get noticed. To finalize the effect, designers often add interesting prints to make the entire look even more unique. Even though this option is not the most practical one, but it’s definitely the most stylish.

Congrats, we covered what type of Western boots fits different needs and situations. However, there is another question left unanswered: what brand to trust? Considering how trendy cowboy shoes are, no wonder, shoes stores joined the tendency and started to sell thousands of cowboy boots. There is a risk to be fooled by a low-quality manufacturer if you don’t know who to trust.

Luckily, there are brands who have a long history and decent reputation for creating and selling Western shoes. We decided to create a list of best cowboy boots brands and share some details.

Best cowboy boot brands

Lucchese Boots

When you plan to buy Western shoes, you want them to feel yours, unique, and special. It’s only possible if they are made manually, by professional hands. That’s exactly what Lucchese bootmaker offers, and what makes the boots so special. The tradition, the style, the spirit. And most importantly, the history. The brand has 130 years of experience in cowboy boots making, the values which pass from generation to generation.

Tony Lama

Tony Lama brand’s slogan is “Handcrafted since 1911”. Over more than hundred years of experience, the company created thousands of Western shoe models. Whether you are looking for boots for man, women or kids, there will definitely be a right fit, for any age and price tag. The shoes have special brand prints and are created from natural leather. You can also check out sales offers and look for discounts.

Dan Post Boots

Do you want to buy real cowboy certified boots? If so, congrats, you can totally do it. Dan Post Boots company offers a possibility to buy ‘boots made for real cowboys and cowgirls, no wannabes allowed”. This brand not only positions itself as a casual style Western shoe store but as a creator of real cowboy boots for real cowboy activities. So if you are planning on doing long hikes or taking rodeo classes, this is just a perfect option. Of course, if you feel like bringing independent cowboy spirit into your daily life, Dan Post Boots are a great fit.

Nocona Boots

Life is too short to wear boring boots – that’s the brand’s moto. The designers do everything to make their boots really stand out. New prints, materials, and textures for every collection – Nocona Boots company impresses with experiment and innovation every day. These are not just casual Western shoes but rather elegant accessories for any occasion – starting with a usual walk – to a fancy dinner. If you want to add a unique accent to the outfit, you know where to go.

Double H Boots

The brand is famous for its special collection – ice boots. These are western shoes with a furry lining which keeps cowboys warm even in the coldest time of the year. On top of that, you can buy shoes with an electrical hazard or safety toe protection. A perfect idea for a Christmas present, right?

Twisted X Boots

With growing concerns about the global ecological situation, a pair of sustainable shoes is a perfect idea. The brand aims to create the most nature-friendly boots which are made by the team of professional handcrafters. Another unique brand feature is a possibility to buy a special infant collection for youngest cowboys and cowgirls. Great idea – babies feel American spirit from their first days.

Rios of Mercedes

What is the secret of top cowboy boots? High-quality materials, of course. Rios of Mercedes company understands it perfectly and chooses only “superior leather” for their production. It gives their shoes amazing reliability and provides great feet support. Also, an all-leather approach allows brand’s boots to mold to the shape of feet perfectly and adapt to the walking manner.

Ariat boots

Do you know that there is a possibility to combine American tradition and Italian shoes production quality in one pair of cowboy boots? It turns out, yes. Ariat boots store manages to combine the authentic design of Western shoes with reliable quality of Italian leather. As a result, their pairs of boots are both comfortable, and very elegant.

Durango Boots

It does not just boot, it’s an attitude. Do you want to try country music lifestyle? Or explore your inner cowboy or cowgirl? It turns out, it’s all about wearing the right pair of shoes. To help you choose, Durango store has boots totally for any possible occasion and need: Work Boots, Groom Boots, and even Bridal Boots. Pick whatever you like!

Laredo Boots

The company provides a great choice for cowboy boots for men, women, and kids, on a different occasion, need, and season. If you are not sure yet what style or print to pick, Laredo Boots brand definitely has the answer. The shoes are made from high-quality material – the designers’ goal is to provide 100% feet support. Exactly what cowboys or cowgirls need.

Justin Boots

The brand approach is combining tradition and modern innovation in a classic pair of Western shoes. Justin Boots implements leading technologies such as Flexible Comfort System and J-Flex to provide full feet support during long walks, physical work, or horse rides. It’s amazing how the brand managed to combine cutting-edge innovations, modern design, and 130-years traditions.

The main point is

No matter whether you already are an experienced Western boots lover, or if it’s going to be your first pair, one thing is important. Cowboy boots are more than just shoes. It’s your expression of freedom, bravery, and independence. You don’t just put boots on, you try on the tradition, the spirit, the culture. No matter when and where you buy the pair of Western shoes, you will enjoy the feeling anyway.

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